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Search resumes on Aran Islands

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The Doolin Coast Guard Delta boat went to Inis Óirr, the smallest of the Aran islands, this morning to continue the search for a for a visitor who went missing off the coast of Inis Oirr in the Aran Islands on Saturday night.

The alarm was raised on Sunday afternoon and helicopter, lifeboat and the coastguard, as well as gardaí and islanders, took part in the search.

More Coast Guard team members along with a SARDA Ireland Search Dog  also went across on a passenger ferry. The Doolin Coast Guard Delta and the Aran Lifeboat conducted line searches from Inish Óirr to Blackhead. The Shannon Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter also searched the area. Galway Sub Aqua Club a local boat and a boat from Carna also searched.

Coast Guard team members and the SARDA search dog searched the 10.2 km of coastline around the Island.

The man, in his mid-40s and from Derry, was last seen on the island's main pier at about 10pm.

John Falvey, divisional controller of Valentia coastguard, said the man was last seen on a pier at 2100 BST on Saturday.

"He wasn't seen entering the water at any location so we are searching the whole island as well as the sea areas off it."