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Slow Death of a Tiger

IT'S 3 a.m. at Doheny & Nesbitt, a favorite watering hole of Dublin's political and business elite, and the property tycoon Sean Dunne stoops to retrieve a penny from the pub's grimy floor.

One would think that Mr. Dunne, Ireland's best-known building developer, would be in bed at this hour. It's a weeknight, after all, and he has meetings that begin before first light.

What's more, the Irish economy, pummeled by the most severe housing bust in Europe, has collapsed. And the gossip around town is that Mr. Dunne, whose brazen deal-making and Donald Trump-like lifestyle epitomized the country's euphoric boom, might be going bankrupt.

But, no matter, a penny is a penny.
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Cross border shoppers' paradise

NEWRY, -- During the decades of the "Troubles" here, long lines of traffic at the Irish border usually were a sign that the British military was searching vehicles on the road ahead. But these days the lines of traffic leading off the main highway north to this city just inside Northern Ireland are not about guns as much as butter: shoppers from the south are heading north to spend their euros in the malls and supermarkets here. There's more