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Aran Islands Lifeboat supporters <David-Kirkaldy>

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This a band for every one who supports or recognises in any way the huge benifit the R.N.L.I is to the Aran Islands, the entire mid-west coast of ireland and of course to all that serve and work on the sea. And to help recognise the heroic voluntary work that the crew do without a second thought.

Since 1927, The Aran Islands lifeboat station has covered the dramatic, rocky wilderness facing outwards to the Atlantic Ocean. Formerly known as Galway Bay until 1995, the lifeboat crews have been presented with over 20 awards for gallantry.

OUR BOAT: R.N.L.B Mr. David Kirkaldy
Category: All-weather
Length: 17m
Range: 250 nautical miles
Speed: 25 knots
Weight: 41 tonnes
Crew: Min: 5, Max: 7
Construction: Fibre Reinforced Composite
Launch type: Moored afloat