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Inis "Iron" Meáin



Coláiste Naomh Eoin

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Inis "Iron" Meáin 2009

Application Form


Date & Time:   Saturday 21st November, 1 pm.

Venue:            Inis Meáin, Aran Islands, Co. Galway.


Return on or before Monday the 16th of November


(1) Ainm/Name:         ______________________________________



(2) Seoladh/Address:                   _________________________________









(3) E-Seoladh/E-mail:                  _________________________________



(4) Uimhir Guthán/ Phone Number:    _______________________



(5) Sínsear/Senior      £          Tosaitheoir         /Novice    £



Please read the notes on the following page.




(1)        The Inis "Iron" Meáin is a 10k race which will take place on Inis Meáin on        Saturday the 21st of November 2009. The race will be divided into 2     categories:

            (i) Senior Mens/Womans: This will consist of both a road       and beach section         (for the more enthusiastic athlete).

            (ii) Novice Mens/Womens: This will be held on the roads       only (for the     social athlete).


            Please indicate by ticking the appropriate box which one you wish to compete   in.



(2)        All completed forms with entry fee (cheque) must be sent by post          to:        Inis "Iron Meáin",

                        Coláiste Naomh Eoin,

                        Inis Meáin,

                        Aran Islands

                        Co. Galway.


on or before Monday the 16th of November 2009.



(3)        All competitors will be expected to arrange their own travel       arrangements. Boats depart Rosaveal, Co. Galway at 10.30 a.m and          depart the island again that evening at 4.30 p.m. For bookings please ring          Island Ferries at (091)572050. Return flights with Aer Arann must be pre-          booked also. Please ring Aer Arann at (091)593054 for further information.


(4)        There will be an entry fee of €50 which must be paid by cheque before the        start of the event. This money will be paid in the form of         a contribution to            the fundraising activities of Coláiste Naomh Eoin.           This cheque should be        made payable to 'Inis "Iron" Meáin'.


(5)        Those wishing to avail of evening entertainment which this year is           a 'Heroes         & Villains' fancy dress, will need to arrange accommodation for the night.    Please see the accommodation list attached.



(6)        Details of prizes and the prize giving category will be announced on the day,       and awards will be presented to winners of various categories.




Disclaimer: The organisers of the Inis "Iron" Meáin, will not accept any responsibility for any mishaps or injury that may occur during the course of the Inis "Iron" Meáin.


Liosta Lóistín


An Dún    099 73047


Óstán Inis Meáin 099 73020


Máire Pháidín 099 73016


Seainín Beag 099 73027


Tigh Chonghaile 099 73085


Cois Cuain 087 9728796 teach 099 73097


Brídín Stiofáin 099 73026


Angela Bn Uí Fhátharta 099 73012


Treasa Bn Uí Chonghaile 099 73021


Nóirín Bn Uí Mheacair 099 73050


Finuala Bn Ní Fhátharta 099 73053


Teach Philomena (self catering) 09973014


Anna Byrne: 099 73054


Anna P. Thomáis 086 3067282


Pádraig Ruairí Beag 087 2204558


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